How to make this Update actually Update in WordPress - Help (please)

Hey there - So I felt so proud that I found a plug in to be able to get the update for my Theme Forest Wordpress website up and ready and then I got this far.

I see that there is an update available but I’m not seeing what to do to make it ACTUALLY happen.

Logic told me to CLICK WHERE IT SAYS ‘UPDATE AVAILABLE’ and it is ‘clickable’ yet nothing happens.

Please help?

I feel I’m so close…yet can’t figure this out.

Any responses to help? Anyone?

Hmm - that should work. Alternatively you can try going to your Updates page (just click on the refresh symbol in the black admin bar at the top of your screen) to install any available updates to WordPress, themes and plugins (which it looks like you have 18!).

If that doesn’t work I would suggest deleting the plugin and starting over. It’s possible that when creating your Envato API token you unchecked the box for “Download your purchased items” which could maybe cause this error.

For anyone else reading this who’s interested in using the same plugin we have an Envato Market Plugin Guide that walks you through each step.

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Same problem here. “Update Available” link (on ShopKit and Visual Composer) , but click it and nothing actually happens.

Ah… I see. IT APPEARS that the Envato market plugin will ONLY DOWNLOAD the plugins you want. You must then do as WPExplorer says, and click the refresh icon at the TOP left of screen (next to the name of your site) and you should see more updates available now – specifically, the updates you just downloaded through the Envato plugin.

Hope this helps someone.

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Glad we could help! In the future if you have any issues with updating your theme simply contact the author of the product and they should assist you. They should also have documentation such as ours - explaining the correct way of updating your theme because some themes do have different methods of updating while we do generally stick to the Envato Market plugin since it’s developed specifically for TF themes :wink: