How to stop header from scrolling down (Please Help)

I am facing this issue when I updated my “Wrangler” Wordpress theme to the latest version. When I scroll down on my website, the header (with menu bar) also scrolls down, as my logo is little big, so due to this even “Buy now” button can,t be properly seen.

Here is the screenshot:

=> I just want the menu bar to stay in it’s position and don,t comes down when I scroll down on my site.

You can simply remove it using custom CSS code. Thanks

Can you please share the code?

Hi @qasimalipgc,

Welcome to the forums! Why not ask author of the theme directly? You could do that by opening purchased theme page and asking the same question either in “Comments” or “Support” section:

I’m gonna tag @MagikCommerce to see if they can help.