I need urgent for header scroll down not working HTML


I’m working with my partner and wasting time because I don’t know where to find a solution to the error “header scroll” doesn’t work in html but I already use it html, css and js nothing happens, please help me, it’s very urgent because I have to make more page to send themeforest, thank you.



Its a fixed header, so it stays in place when you scroll - the issue is that when you scroll the header nav has no background colour, so one minute it is there, the next it seems to disappear. Check your CSS file and make sure you have changed the CSS

navbar navbar-expand-lg navbar-dark header-main header-main2
currently you have it set to background: transparent;

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Thank you, I already solved it, that was an error and it was also a code

body, html { height: 100%}

I already eliminated this code, it works now, thanks, close this topic, regards


Are you sure?

But as I scroll down the page:

And then further:

With respect :wink:

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Yes, it’s

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Okay :slight_smile: stay safe @JeriTeam

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