How to start selling Website templates on Envato?

About a week ago I submitted my Website template named VideoTube.
Today I just noticed in Author Dashboard that it just disappeared.
Have no clue if it was accepted or rejected as I didn’t get any response / email or anything.
If it was accepted, where I can see that?

If it’s vanished and you have had no feedback then it was hard rejected.

Make sure you have notifications activated in your email settings.

If you want feedback you can share then demo link here

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Thanks charlie, for some reason “Item review notifications” were disabled.
I don’t have a demo / preview link as the template isn’t hosted anywhere yet.
Is it mandatory to get a template accepted?

Without a working demo it probably wasn’t even reviewed properly

For reference the screenshots look like a complete rip off of YouTube and would need to be made significantly more unique and original

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Ok, a demo must be hosted.
What about uniqueness of this template [link removed] ?
To me it looks like a copy of old Youtube, despite much worse in quality it was happily accepted.

This was approved in 2018. Standards are evolving and getting higher very fast.

As @cssninjaStudio says this is a very old item and no the design is not great, but it still looks far less like YouTube than yours

OK, I take it you (envato) won’t accept a website clone template even if it isn’t a pixel-perfect one. As time passes by it gets harder and harder to guess those “standards”. Thanks for your replies.

There’s no definitive ‘standards’ beyond certain technical demands for WP themes etc.

Bug generally speaking -

  • best practice coding

  • premium value in terms of features and functionality

  • clean and modern design

  • suitability to a stock marketplace i.e. I know there are (some very well coded) CRM, Crypto etc type files but in seriousness no one responsible is going to use a stock $50 solution to something that touches peoples data, finance etc. there’s a reason why purpose built software and apps are worth 6 or 7 figure amounts.

  • original concept and not another version of an already busy category or a clone of existing sites

  • all documentation etc correctly done