No feedback for my submission

Hi. I am very new to this platform. I’ve been submitting lots of templates but not getting any feedback from any body if it is accepted of not. is I’ve updated my email setting to receive feedback but been waiting for 3 weeks now and not sure what is going on. I just keep submitting until I am get so discourage now.

Does any one have a similar experience? or is it Envato way of doing things? some one advice pls

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hello, I was like that at first too. After a while, the perception of quality turns into a standard situation. Before submitting your video, compare it with the accepted videos in the market. Or show it here and get ideas from the authors. Definitely quality, font problem, color mismatch etc. has.

The projects and ideas we make are like our children, we spend effort, time and knowledge. And we can’t accept anyone who says it’s bad. And we can’t see what’s wrong, or whether it’s poor quality.

Eish! I think you are right. After spending months on a project, summit and get a computer generated reply ( not good quality) it hurt a lot and very discouraging. May offer some clues as that why it’s not good quality rather than sending me to the community to ask everyone why it’s not good. I try to be unique with my ideas and can’t just share it to a competitive community.

Where is the copy right protection if I have to start posting my ideas to a community for advice?

I’ve been trying for several months now, all my templates are rejected. It really sucks!

Some time I am not even sure if i am chatting to a human or robot

You just might not see your mistakes. Share a video preview here and experienced authors will advise you

Here are some of my rejected work
Bikini Biker 3D Character ID LogoSting-Biker-DS…
Abstract 3D object ID AMFCPG-Obj-LTR-01.mp4

(Attachment financial success progress graph (1).mp4 is missing)

Your links are not working. There is no access to them. Just upload your videos to YouTube and attach them here

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Another rejection. Can someone see why?

We do not have the technical video skills of respected authors like @romlam but as a team, we invest a lot in video and effects files:

  • neither effect feels particularly premium
  • the first effect over the bbq feels quite un-natural and forced
  • the fire effect in the ending effect doesn’t look/feel very realistic
  • the typography in the ending effect is not great
  • the logo box placeholder is not doing things any favours

Do you really think that someone can steal any idea from this?
Sorry to be frank, but your project is sooooo far from design quality standards. I don’t even know if it makes sense to explain what’s wrong with this template. Because everything is bad here. Animation, fonts, typography, idea, color scheme, etc…
If you really want to sell templates on Envato, you should start learning design from scratch.
Compare what you have done with the projects on the market, I hope you can see the difference

Cool. Will keep trying.