How to set my Youtube Channel to White list to Music Copyright Claim

I’m Envato Element Subscriber, When i upload a video on my Youtube Channel, getting copyright claim in every new upload, What is the alternative to spending time from disputing of each video separately?

Youtube has no option to waive your channel from copyright scrutiny. It be great if they had a field dedicated to licenses in the video upload page, so that no copyright claim be made if the license is valid. Sadly, this is not the case.


Do you get copyright due to video or due to music track from envato ?

In most cases the copyrighted claim is generated by the music (I could be wrong though). Video content can also be registered with ContentID, but I have no idea how it works. Hopefully a VideoHive author will chime in.

Hi dear,
Can you please reply to my thread here : Using envato elements unlimited music as background music for nature video compilations

Sorry, can’t help you. For Elements related questions, you want an Elements author, which I’m not.