Using envato elements unlimited music as background music for nature video compilations

I have a meditation music channel where I upload videos of length around 3 hours or so. I use compilation of many videos related to nature and use meditation music as background music.
Example of my one such video - Relaxing Sleep Music • Deep Sleeping Music, Relaxing Music, Stress Relief, Meditation Music (Flying) - YouTube
Can I use your unlimited music for my channel videos as background music ?

I am planning to publish 100 or even more such videos in coming 2-3 months. So I will need more than 100 different music track in coming time.

I am asking this because this is not allowed by Epidemic sound company. They see such videos as stand alone videos that use music with no voice over (I was using them first but as I was informed of this problem, I stopped using them)

So is it allowed here with 16.50$ per month fee ? Or here is also the same case like Epidemic sound company ?

Please guide me.

Hi. I do not recommend doing this. 99% chance that Youtube won’t monetize your channel because there is no original content. At least something should be yours (not reusable media): video, music, or voice cover. Youtube can also mark your channel as repetitive (similar) content. They have a very strict policy on this matter.