How to secure my web php application

Actually i am developing a php script,i want to secure my app,like if they validate codecanyon licence then only they can use my script…Other wise,one person will buy and share my script every one will missuse my script with out my permission and purchase…Please suggest me how to secure my application…etc

You’re not allowed to encrypt the code, so you’ll have to take a risk. You’re also not allowed to require license verification in order for them to use the application (because this is actually a market for source code, the buyer should have full access immediately), but there’s a simple workaround to this:

Package an installer with your application. Have the installer require license verification. Do not encrypt it.

You’ll still need to include the application files in a separate folder so they can see or manually install the code, but this will stop the vast majority of would-be piraters from using the script.

Of course if there’s anything in your script which requires you to verify their purchase (API, automatic updates, built in support etc), you may do so, but only for these specific pages.

Now,i understand little bit but,If you go to mailwizz email marketing application.They have buyers purchase code validation right?..If buyers want to use that script,buyser has to verify with his purchase code,then only he get access to login

We developed a script that does exactly what you want, and it’s fully compatible with Envato terms of service. In other words, it uses the same tactics as baileyherbert suggested:

Package an installer with your application. Have the installer require license verification.

The item is available here -

The script also has many other features, so you can use it not only with Envato scripts. You can also issue email-based licenses (Envato licenses depend on purchase code only), track installations and usage of your script, and even automatically delete files from user’s server if he continues using your script after cancelling his license (either by getting a refund, either by initiating a chargeback).