how to protect your php scripts

hi, I wanted to know what system is usually used to protect php scripts for sale.
Do you create an authentication linked to a site, an initial password or something else?

Only way at Envato marketplace through API confirmation ( Item validation ) but it’s not really hard to “bypass” it. ( You cannot encrypt the codes )

Thanks for the reply themes.
Can I ask you for help? so I don’t have to insert any authentication in my script that I want to sell?

It’s your choice to add any authentication or not.
( It’s been discussed several times on the forum, you can check for the previous conversations. )

Thanks, I tried searching but couldn’t find anything, I’ll look better

@ki-themes is talking about license verification, which is optional.

But it sounds to me like you’re possibly talking about admin authentication (login). If your script has admin features, they do need to be locked behind some form of authentication, even if it’s simple.

Items will generally include an interactive installer that initializes the database and asks the admin to set up their credentials. If that’s overkill for your item, then setting a default password is fine, but you should implement a mechanism that forces them to change it upon first login.

Don’t store the admin’s password in plaintext. Use password_hash() and password_verify() to securely hash and validate it.