How to search for themes that just use Gutenberg?

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I can’t seem to figure out how to search for themes that don’t rely on 3rd party page builders. We’re pretty tired of all of them, we’d rather just be working with Gutenberg from now on. Is there a way to search for themes based on the page builder used?

We’d really love a Gutenberg-only search filter!

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In search filter Gutenberg not included but in search field you type Gutenberg and search. :

I can realize it is some difficult to find because in this way you have to check compatibility in the theme details page for each item.


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Thank you @mgscoder, I appreciate the suggestion. Is there any way to exclude search terms maybe? If I could search like “dentist Gutenberg -pagebuilder” or something like that… Possible? I tried that syntax but it didn’t seem to work.


in that case each word will be a keyword and will display search result for each keyword.

That “-term” trick is one bit of Google-fu I always wish every search supported… I went through about 20 themes for “Gutenberg dentist” and got too many hits, 179. Searched about 20 detail pages, every one of them uses one of the page builders I’m trying to avoid. :frowning_face: