how to rejected my item ?


u mean why, don’t u ?
i first of all i am not even knowing what u are trying to sell here … i guess that has to be a logo , but i really have to guess … otherwise there is a real problem of imbrication of text and illustration, both part look completely disconnected , besides u are also violating a basic design principle as there is a real issue with th alignment here and assume that it was a choice from u , a bad one, but a choice. I have admit also that this is probably the first time that i see this … a logo where there is something in between horizontal and vertical versions … the problem is that originality is not always good and if there are some rules in some profession there has to be a reason for them to exist. Moreover, to be honest the logo is not having anything special , this is super easy to redo it rather effortless and i guess u can identify that this is not really a super good news when it comes to the commercial potential of the item, so why would reviewers accept a file that they identify as having close to no chance to sell ? there is an issue, the tagline is also too close from the name. As we are talking about typo related issues, the typo is really flat and lacking about everything, variations, font combinations and touches of originality. The presentation of your item is also quite dull and definitely not selling your item



Sorry your logo is too basic but need improvement more like say @n2n44 is good advices for u.

I think that my best advice that you can draw a notebook for some give idea later take a camera for make a illustrator your pc mascot logo like as other for example graphicriver approved logo or if you don’t want mascot logo you can make design normal logo (remember you can see for example other designs logo in graphicriver).

Good luck.



Yes, Sorry bro need improvement this design
Good luck Regards.