How to my new product have "compatible with" in item detail?

How to my new product have “compatible with” in item detail? I want it like this image! But now it just looks like that I found in edit but it not have “compatible with”. I need to provide full information to my customers! Please help me if you know!

Is your item and that item are same categories?

Hi @truemart

For your product don’t have compatible with because you have submitted that item under Plugins category.
As I can see that your item is a woocommerce plugin. so, if your item was under WordPress category then there is options to choose ‘Compatible With’. In short when you will submit an item then ‘Compatible With’ options will show or not based on your select category.

Compatible With mean a product will work fine with the selected Compatible With items (plugins).

Hope you understand.


Thank you!

Thank you so much! I love your answer!

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