Missing versions on "Compatible with" list

On February 9, 2021, WooCommerce released the major update to version 5. Still, after ten days, the “Compatible with” list in the description of our CodeCanyon items doesn’t reflect this news.

I believe Envato should update the “Compatible with” list in a more timely manner, particularly in the event of a major update of very popular plugins (4.x => 5.x, in this case).

It happens very often that prospective customers inquiry about the compatibility of our items with the most recent versions of the most popular WordPress plugins, just because they don’t see it listed in the description of an item. When I reply to those inquiries, I always have to reassure them that the item is perfectly compatible and the only reason they don’t see it exposed on the item description is that we authors don’t have the option to update the compatibility list simply because that version is missing from the list itself.

Now, we are a bunch of coding nerds and most of the plugins we are referring to are released in a public repository. The vast majority of those that are not might be present in the Envato private repository. For this reason, I don’t see it as a very difficult task that the “Compatible with” list gets updated automatically with the latest versions as soon as they are released or, at least, within a reasonable time-frame.