What is "compatibility with"?

I am new to add my products in codecanyon. I need some help.

Please tell me what does it mean that “Compatible With” when we upload plugins in codecanyon.

Does it mean that our plugin need to work as addon on these things for example woocommerce, visual composer, jiggoshop, buddypress etc

or it mean that our plugin need to work when these things also installed in our wordpress for avoiding conflicts?

It simply means that your plugin is fully tested to work alongside the products you mark as “compatible with”, without impacting the other plugin negatively, or that other product affecting your item.

It does not necessarily mean that your product is an actual extension/addon to those other products (although that is of course possible), only that a user can use both products at the same time without problems.

Some products you can mark your item as compatible with, have a global impact on WordPress, such as WPML. Marking your product compatible with that would mean that you use proper language files and locale definitions in your product, so that WPML can correctly set languages for your plugin. That does not mean that your product is an extension/addon to WPML itself, but only that your plugin uses standard routines that allow WPML to correctly process your plugin.

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