How to make a website?

My client has just asked me to make a blog website. I have recently started web development so I need help. I wanted to know which theme I need to buy to make a blog website?

Just search for blog WordPress themes. Here is a quick selection of blog themes which were added in the last year and do support latest version of WordPress:

BTW, blog is a core feature of all WordPress themes, so even themes which do not specifically state they are a blog theme will allow you to use it as a blog. Of course, it is usually better to stick to those which do label themselves as blog ones if you want to use them specifically for a blog.

If you are new to WordPress then you should start here:

WordPress comes bundled with bunch of free themes with many more available on I wouldn’t suggest buying any premium theme (like ones found here on ThemeForest) until you get some experience and will be able to choose a suitable premium theme yourself.

You have three options

  1. Purchase a theme blog for WordPress from themeforest
  2. Use free theme that comes with WordPress
  3. Pay someone to install WordPress on your server, if you don’t know how and you can do the rest with point 2.

Also you have many videos on YouTube how to install a theme etc


Ok. Is there any way to know which website is using which wordpress theme? I like to know the theme this website is using.

This theme is based on Genesis Framework, it is not something you can buy here.