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I have built many sites using html, bootstrap, css, etc. and also WordPress. But, the only time I’ve incorporated blogging was when I built a site from scratch in WordPress with WP themes - Html themes were not compatible.

However on Themeforest, I see a lot of html themes for sites that among home pages, gallery pages, contact pages, etc… include blog layouts. Apparently there is a way to use HTML with blogging, but I’m not sure how.

My question is: If I’ve got an html or bootstrap site already set up, how do I add blogging that uses html templates. What blog software is an easy site add-on or app that would utilize html blog theme layouts I have at my disposal?

(As with many questions I’ve seen posted)
This may be a deep or complex subject that is too much for this forum. But if someone would give me a clue what app/software might work, maybe I can research it. I’ve Googled, but can’t seem to find a direct answer to my question.

Hi @concoa,

I don’t think that might be possible to use HTML as a blog section.
For you to have a blog, you’ll need to create some sort of database where you’ll need to register your posts, with tables related to the blog, like for example title, description…
Having an HTML blog, is a bit hard to maintain, as it requires the user to change the code directly on the HTML structure, and needs to create new HTML pages and save it in the server. It’s easier to do that with PHP connected to database where you’ll only need to put the post text, and no code knowledge is needed.
You can create a blog post easily, as there is an huge ammount of php tutorials on the web.
But, If you use PHP, I don’t think that your HTML template might be accepted on HTML templates under Themeforest.
Probably you’ll need to create it under CodeCanyon.

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Thanks EZCode. I keep seeing blog pages included in Themeforest html themes so I was wondering “why?”. I knew there would have to be blogging software somewhere for a blog to be practical to use. BUT, with so many html themes including blog pages I thought maybe there were blog apps that could be “added” to a site and used them.

Yes, authors add them as an example for customers.
For example people who buy HTML templates maybe want to integrate that template with some bloging CMS, or maybe don’t use that blog feature on their websites, but this is only my opinion.

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Like I said, my only experience is using WordPress. But, surely, there is a practical purpose for all those additional blog pages in html site themes.

• The blog would need to be in the same site for SEO.
• If the site is html, then the blog would need to be something (php) hosted on the site.
• Then, if there are html blog layouts, it would seem logical that there are blog programs/apps that are able to use the html frame and css.

Just wondering if there are recommendations for the blog that does this. If it doesn’t exist, that’s fine, too.

HTML blog pages are practical for the people who know how to make it a Wordpress theme. You have a professional HTML theme and you don’t have to worry about designing it etc. - only add PHP and Wordpress functions. That’s how it works.