Do I need to know HTML to use these themes

I am just starting a blog and I have found a theme that I like, several actually. I would like to know if I have to know and use HTML code in order to use these themes because I do not. I never learned to code and don’t have the patience to learn now. It is a Wordpress based blog that I am using and right now I have a very simple theme but it has no options for the what I am wanting to accomplish. Any Wordpress experts floating around here? I appreciate any input you would be willing to share. Thank you, Martha.

Not sure what kind of content is in your blog, but HTML won’t be much used in other parts except your content. And if you don’t use HTML in blog contents then I doubt HTML will be needed in elsewhere of your blog.

My content is a lifestyle and beauty blog. I have only just started it and found a free Wordpress theme to begin but it has no options to create the type of site I want to create. I also include pictures with my posts so people can see what it is about. Here is my blog if you wouldn’t mind going to look at it and tell me what you think.
When I began creating this I didn’t have to use any html in what I typed and I leave alone anything that Wordpress does with html. I have seen windows in my dashboard that will show html, I guess if you do want to mess with it, but I leave those alone.