How to take advantage of the blog files in HTML themes

Hi. First time here.

I have some themes from themeforest (both WordPress and HTML). The question applies only for the HTML ones.

I see there are files for a blog (blog-view.html, blog-list.html, etc.) I understand I need a blog engine to have the full functionality. My question is: how to proper use those HTML files?.

Is there any “light” blog engine or something you can recommend in order to use those files as “template”?
Sometimes I don’t need WordPress, only s simple platform to publish small things.

Any advise is really appreciated

Depends what you mean by ‘Things’.

You could still create the blog and edit/link a post which can be uploaded to the site.

The missing aspects would be those which are dynamic e.g. auto population (you would need to manually add the relevant post/preview image etc.), searching posts would not work and a few other bits.

Thanks for your answer.

Small things I meant few posts basically. maybe two per month.

Yes, I get that I have to manually create the page, provide all the links and upload it, etc. That’s why my question.

Is there any “light blog engine” to help for this?