How to integrate Element 3D in the template that doesn't use it.

Hi everyone!
So I’m creating app promo video template and I’m animating the phone with element 3d, however i want this project to not require E3D so it could reach more clients. I want to use pre-rendered footage of the phone so potential buyers don’t need to use plug-in. The problem is: Phone’s screen is a material in E3D so to change what is happening on screen one should need E3D. However most of the app promos i’ve seen here don’t require any plug-ins so I wonder how they do that?

I would really appreciate some help with this. :slight_smile:

It is forbidden to prerender Element3D. Just create a template using the plugin.

Oh wow, I had no idea about that, thanks for info. Guess it’s time to get into C4d then.

its way better to use c4d when you want give pre-rendered