can anybody help me?

i want to do mobile app promo video, for that how to render animation from C4D and replace screens with that 3D data …i searched many sources but that and all some plugins needs for that, can anyone help me please?

This tutorial should show you what you need to do:

If you are working with After Effects CC then you can also use Cineware that comes with After Effects, here are some tutorials:


Thank you…If i make any template with the help of C4D cineware …that buyers also require cinema 4d right?

Cinema 4D Lite comes with Creative Cloud, so if you only make use of features that are available in C4D Lite users with a CC Subscription have no problem in using that.

However, prerendering your 3D Animation and just swapping out the screens in AE will reduce the rendertimes for the end users and is how these Mobile App Promo’s are usually done.

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ohhh…Thank you so much…i was struggling so much for this…:blush::+1: