Some help on Cinema 4D & After effects

What’s up guys ,
How can i replace the red screen with video or photo in After effects.

When i go to After effects it be like that.

How can i fix that ??

And thanks.

You have to bend or warp your placeholder to make footage look curved. I am not into such projects, not sure how to make it automatically.

I do it in After effect ,
But it’s not the best way to do that, I’m looking for the best way to do that,
Thanks man.

Hi! The video or photo should to upload on c4d material as a texture, for animate your video on the preview check “Animate Preview” on the material tab editor.



I was hope it’s just like that, But unfortunately it’s not,
You need to to put photo or video in After effect,
To be easy when you come to change,
Thanks man.

You can use Element 3D curved plane in After Affects and place video as a diffuse texture maybe?

The all project on Cinema 4D maybe i can’t use Element 3D.

if you select “ray-trace 3d” rendering in AE then the fold option will appear in the layer setting

I do that in After Effects but i was wonder if there’s any way to render warp screen to After Effects,