How to include a Post's Excerpt as part of the Navigation content

I have setup a Post-Based Slider and would like to incorporate Navigation Tabs but cannot figure out how to get the Post Excerpt data into the tabs. I have tried creating a Custom Navigation using the Erinyen as the template and substituting {{exerpt}} in place of {{description}} but that does not work. I hope this is possible as then my editor only has to change Posts and not deal with the Slides themselves.

This is something that you need to figure it out by yourself or hire someone to get some paid support (help)
In case of interested, you can contact me via the link below to discuss the details:

I thought this was the proper place to ask a question for help from other users. Is there another user forum that would be best? In any event I figured it out.

There’s a line between helping and working for free. What you’re asking may be considered as a custom job.
There are few other networks that you could get some help but I don’t think you’d get at Envato Forum

Honestly envato forum is absolutely weird… it was relevant to tell us this is not a discussion forum but a business forum… people simply come here to get paid rather than assist and thats fine if its expressly put that way…But nonetheless we’re grateful for the incompetence…

That is a very narrow-minded attitude given the amount of effort and time that many people give up entirely voluntarily to support envato and other users in these forums.

For the sake of clarity, this is not a business forum and people can discuss whatever they want. However, it is a general forum which means that:

  1. item-specific queries should always be addressed with the author to prevent incorrect info or confusion

  2. some requests may be out of scope and it may not be the right place to find solutions to some queries, in which case offering alternative paid or free solutions is only logical

Take your own thread for example - we offered answers for free. Yes we suggested that you hire someone to help but as you pointed out - you don’t understand PHP so, with respect:

  • you may not fully understand the complexity or implications of what you want to do

  • what would be the point in someone telling you what needs to be done if you don’t understand how to execute it?

  • more often than not this will not work and potentially cause bigger problems - then what? Does the person who tried to help have to step up and fix those too?

What can be achieved in a public forum, out of scope and for free relies on managing expectation, mutual respect and simple common sense.

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