Author Help: Template to Theme Building and Upload Process as per Themeforest

Hi Everyone,
Hope you are doing well!

I need your help please:
Recently, I designed and published a template and now working on turning it into a Theme and then uploading here on Themeforest.

During template designs and development for Envato and as it was my first experience here, I faced much struggle to get approved and follow all the SOPs which was quite demotivating as there were no clear instructions. But after getting approved finally as per the feedback thread.

Now, I need your help to know all the SOPs or instructions beforehand for converting WP Elementor based template into an Elementor Theme to submit on ThemeForest successfully. Please share the instructions so that I keep them in my mind while working instead of facing the same issues and losing motivation.

P.S. It would be great if community leads or editors of Envato Forum share their input.

Thank you!
Best wishes to all!