How to import a envato website template into Dreamweaver?

Hi there. I have downloaded an envato portfolio style website template that I just purchased, but how do I now begin working with it in dreamweaver? I have used DW a little in the past, but I only worked with the inbuilt templates. I cannot find info/tutorials online on how to open, save and start working on third party templates such as those offered by envato.

Thanks in advance for any tips :slight_smile:

I think you can open your file into dreamweaver in this way

Or you can open this way

Still have any question you can send me message i will try to help you.



DW is quite old and if you are hoping to be able to use the visual design feature to edit a templte from here then it is unlikely to work

It may be ok editing the code view but to be honest there are much better and free alternatives of you are ok just modifying code eg Brackets


Thanks :slight_smile: I wasn’t clear on what I meant. I want to be able to use/edit the whole envato project folder i.e. all the html pages, css, everything and work with it and save it within dreamweaver. Without having to open individual pages from that folder each time.

Perhaps I’m missing a basic concept here? Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks for the tips. I’m working with DW CC 2018. The reason being that I want to learn a little more about web design while I make my portfolio. I’m off to a great start if I can’t even understand how to use an envato template within dreamweaver :sweat_smile:

do you understand this screenshot ?

This is form DW CC 2017

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You just need to open the relevant html or css file in DW and edit from there.

Obviously you will need to modify images externally and name/link those appropriately.

Given that almost certainly you will have to edit code and not design formats, I’d strongly suggest also trying Brackets as it is much more intuitive and easy to use.


I really appreciate that :slight_smile: I am eager for DW as it was taught on my masters a year ago and I want to get back up to speed. If it turns out to be totally unintuitive for this intended purpose I will indeed check out Brackets :slight_smile: Thanks again!

I think I get it now. I directed the ‘local site folder’ to the folder within downloaded envato folder that contains all the various html,css etc. files. Was I correct in doing so?

yes this is good. now go ahead. you are on your way.
Good luck

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Thanks once more :slight_smile: