Editing the Theme using Dreamweaver

I have purchased some “Site Administration” theme from themeforest and have some difficulties to edit it via dreamweaver.

In Design view, I can only get a very draft and not complete website for edit. Say, the left menu is missing. I can see it in the Live View, but i cannot edit inside Live view.

Could I actually edit those HTML5/CSS3 site template using WYSIWYG editor like Dreamweaver? Is there other better way to edit it?

Design View (many component missing):

h t t p :// img.buytogether.hk/upload/big/2012/11/28/50b62da4dff66.png

Live View:
h t t p :// img.buytogether.hk/upload/big/2012/11/28/50b62da55feca.png

(please remove the space for the http:// and paste to browser… themeforest not allow outside link…)

In order to edit code, you need to switch to Code View.

digitalimpact said

In order to edit code, you need to switch to Code View.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I remember that a few years ago, I use dreamweaver to build my website using the Design view. i can edit every elements, including button, url, link…etc. directly. I can type directly in the Design view and it will give me the HTML code.

Is it means that there is no way to edit this kind of template (HTML5/CSS3) like what we did with (old style) HTML? Everything we need is to code in “Code View” and review the result in “Live view”? Is it true?

Yes, it’s true. Those visual editor days, thankfully, are long gone :slight_smile:

Hi, i have a question.

Is there a way to edit Opencart Theme in dreamweaver. if so how does one get to do this?