How to Get Individual Theme or Item Affiliate Link From Evanto


I am planning to start Evanto affiliate program meanwhile I have got affiliate ID. My question is that how could I get individual product affiliate link so that I could promote trending items of Evanto?

Example, if I would like to promote Aavada one of the best seller items in history of Evanto and in that case I need particular product affiliate link to promote the Avada.

Is there any way to get individual product affiliate link from Evanto as Affiliate?

Thanks you all. Sincere suggestions are very much appreciated.

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Hi @jyostna. Thanks for your reply. However, I am not clear about it. Could you explain a little bit more please?

this has a form to help you

Hi @jyostna Say for example,

I promote avada and it has URL like this:> []

Now My Affiliate Link would as follows?


OR Like Below



second one

Thanks a lot.