About my profile of evanto market

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I have been trying to start earn from this marketplace for long time. But I do not know every thing. Is not finding enough time to get details. For that reason I have been asking on here:

This is my profile:

Here I have listed some theme from theme forest. Now if any one buy a theme from my profile: will I get any bonus.

Secondly as a freelancer from where I can enlist myself to get hired?

Md.Masudul Hasan

If you mean affiliate earning then you need to be registered with the program but also it’s based on first time visit buyers - if they are coming from your profile then it’s not a first time visit.

There is www.studio.envato.com for vetted freelancers BUT it’s invite only and I am pretty sure they are not accepting new people especially if you don’t have items for sale here to demonstrate skill set etc

Your best option is to invest time in developing your own items for sale


Hello Charlie
Have a wonderful day.

Thank you very much for your reply and message. Yes. I have already applied on studion.evanto.com program and I have been waiting for their response.


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