How to fix overlapping logo?

Our logo loads slowly but looks fine on a desktop browser. But open it in a mobile browser, then it overlaps the posts carousel (on Home page) or titles (on pages).

After page refresh logo looks fine on a desktop browser and in a mobile browser. I`ve tried changing logo size, logo height (in px and %), header spacing (header padding, fixed header padding, mobile header padding) and logo spacing (logo padding, mobile logo padding) in theme options, and nothing works.

How can I fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Developers of this theme (The Issue Theme by @fuelthemes) no longer support it.


If the original author of the theme doesn’t provide the support for his item, I don’t think anyone here would be coming with a solution for free.

If you’re looking for a paid support, this is another case…

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I agree with @ki-themes - if the author of this theme does not provide any support for the item, then you might need to look at paying someone to sort it for you. If this is simply a case of your support period has expired, then you should extend the support with the author concerned to get help.

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@ki-themes @123Simples I agree with you and I’m ready to pay for support by fuelthemes, but they turned off such opportunity. There is one more question that worries me. Could it be a theme bug? How to reach the developers in this case?


Have you just recently purchased this theme? Or have you been using it a while?

Hi @Katieepod

I’ve just checked this on Firefox desktop and Oppo A74 mobile - I cannot see the issues you are describing. The only problems you may have is if the developer does not maintain updates, in which case, eventually then you might have issues along the road. PHP, Wordpress, Plugins, Themes - all of them will need updating and looking at as time goes by so it might be an issue at sometime, but I cannot see any problems right now unless I’m blind :wink:

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I have been using this theme since 2019. Problems started appearing after theme updates.

Thank you for the answer. The problem is present in the mobile version. I tested it with Chrome (Samsung A51). Screens above.

Here’s another problem for example: «Undefined property: stdClass::$error» after updating The Issue Theme by fuelthemes
The only solution for me was to disable Custom Video Player :smiling_face_with_tear:


I will have a look at this tomorrow now.
The issues with any theme (whether that is a Wordpress theme, or an HTML, or any other script) is that ideally they should work across most different browsers, and mobile devices. HAVING SAID THAT, it’s not always guaranteed that a website will look right in all possible devices, resolutions and views, so that might show up issues.

Phones like the A51 and my Oppo came out in 2019, so imagine how 4 years can change a phone.

Whilst I do not recommend not updating wordpress core, themes etc, the issue is when these updates take place something can break.

See what others have to say too :slight_smile:
best wishes

@123Simples Thank you!

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Well looking at your website again using Firefox and Mobile, I cannot see the errors you have described. It seems that the videos work fine - they are using YouTube.

The trouble I think you have is simply because the PHP is constantly moving forward, and some of the coding is lacking or not being maintained.
Certainly to me your website appears to work fine.

If you want to disable error reporting (which normally I would not recommend doing) you can edit wp-config.php file to switch off error reporting.

Make a backup of your file BEFORE you make changes and upload it.
I always recommend editing wordpress files on your computer, then uploading them by FTP rather than muck around doing it in the admin area of wordpress - and this is why I DO NOT USE wordpress :wink:


Thank you for the detailed answer. Videos are now working correctly, since I disabled the custom video player provided by the theme, and now the standard YouTube player is displayed.

Today I tested the site on another mobile devices. Unfortunately, I see this error with the overlapping logo. It seems that the logo doesn`t have enough space in the header container. In the desktop version, the logo slowly, but falls into place. In the mobile version, it looks correctly only after the page is refreshed again (after the page caches the data). I track the problem in the incognito window or after I reset the page cache. I add 2 videos for a better understanding of the problem:

Problem with the header is with its height, as it’s being calculated and added to the header via jQuery after the page loads. This is not the best solution but it should work fine. ( Add it to the end of the style.css )

.mobile-header-holder {min-height:125px!important;}



Thank you for the videos to help the understanding of what you are seeing. Very informative :slight_smile:

Try what @ki-themes has kindly suggested and see if that sorts your issues. It definetly is the mobile responsive bit that is messing around :wink:
Speak soon off for dinner

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@ki-themes @123Simples
Thank you for your help and support! This css have worked, but I slightly modified it:

.logo-holder {min-height:75px!important;}

The problem is resolved! Thank you! :partying_face:

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@Katieepod well done :slight_smile:

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Hi there,

I can relate to your frustration. I had the same problem with my logo overlapping the posts carousel on my WordPress website. I was using the The Issue Theme by Fuel Themes, and the developers no longer supported it.

I tried changing the logo dimensions, logo position, and adding a negative top margin to the logo, but nothing worked. I was about to give up when I found a helpful moderator on the WordPress forum.

The moderator suggested that I use a child theme to override the theme’s default logo CSS. I created a new file called style.css in the child theme’s directory and added the following code:

.site-header .site-branding { top: -10px; }

This fixed the issue and the logo no longer overlapped the posts carousel.

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Hi! Thank you for your help and such a detailed answer. I’ll try to test your solution on my WordPress website. I`m still exploring theme options of The Issue Theme and would be glad to exchange experiences.