Whats my theme problem please help me

My theme hard rejected.Whats my theme problem please help me http://dijungle.com/demo/magazine/

There are some nice touches but needs attention to detail and modernizing

  • Big issues on mobile e.g. images stretch, type crops etc.

  • as a design/layout it lacks originality and has been done a lot before

  • typography needs attention in multiple areas esp. the navigation, category titles, Mr De Haviland titles do not really work in certain areas

  • the codrops inspired hover effects are inconsistent with everything else and don’t work on the portfolio items (too small)

  • footer needs work especially widget 3 and 4

  • regular layouts lack a logo?

  • avoidable validation issues in palces

Thanks Charlie4282

I cann’t understand this option.may you explain more.i didn’t find any problem.Where can i check it.

Both from demo 1 on iPhone. Images stretch and pixelate and content broken on to two lines or cropped out

Thanks a lot

I see its working good in phone device.where you checked it kindly let me know pls.

What phone is that you checked that on? I tried it on a iphone 6 and 6s.

Does that mobile test website actually use mobile IOS or just make the browser smaller?

If I shrink the browser its fine but that is not the same and does not mean it will be the same on an actual phone

yes,I ckecked on iphone5,6,6+ and other device
test link http://www.responsinator.com/?url=dijungle.com%2Fwp-demo%2Fmagazine%2F

Now I have worked for image stretch and I have some correction pls let me know.

Thanks for your help

Did you use an actual phone or just using that site.

The site even says:

"Why does my site look different on my phone?
Responsinator is an emulator. It does not precisely replicate how

  • your site will look on all the displayed devices, for the best testing *
    use real devices."

I’ve cleared all chache but it still looks messed up on both my phones.

Maybe it is just my devices but there is no website alternative that is a true substitute for checking it on a real mobile

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Unfortunately your theme is not ready for ThemeForest.
You have technical problems. Such as resolution images, responsive, etc…
But you have many design problems. One problem is chromatic. Choose colors carefully. Another problem is tyopography .
And more .
My advice is to look at the top products. And to do another theme.
It’s a lot of work, but do not give up.
Good Luck !

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I am new in themeforest.where i can ckeck theme for responsiveness.i means what is the better plutform to check theme for themeforest.Waiting for your help.

Thanks for your advance help

Is it soft or hard-rejected ? I guess hard !

If so, Check out latest 50 wordpress blog/Magazine theme. Then sketch, then start again…

Thanks Ebrahim6

Please let me know any problem now http://dijungle.com/wp-demo/magazine/

Please let me know any kind of problem now in this theme http://dijungle.com/wp-demo/magazine/

  1. Poor typography
  2. Too many animations
  3. Ugly background patterns
  4. Cheap looking photos
  5. Amateurish logo

As already mentioned, take a look at some recent magazine themes here on ThemeForest to see what level of quality is expected. You are currently very far from it.