Logo not resizing in mobile and tablet view - Consulting WP theme

Hi there,

Recently, started with a Consuting WP theme. (It was free Ocean WP theme earlier. )

And with the new theme, logo is not loading properly for mobile and tablet views. This new theme has a header builder and I have ticked ‘use logo’ there. (Also entered 130px as the image width) It is showing up perfectly in web view but not resizing in responsive.

Also I have tried adding logo in WP Dashboard> Appearance> Customize> Site Settings> Logo & Title (both logo and dark logo). Also have left all logo width, height and margins blank here.

Can anyone guide me how to fix this logo resizing problem?

Thanks and Regards,

By the way, url is https://qualstraconsulting.com/


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!