How to customize Canvas Multipurpose HTML5 Theme


I have purchased Canvas Multipurpose HTML5 Theme. I am following the steps according to the documentation which says:

Follow the steps below to get started with your Site Template:

Open the Package/HTML Folder to find all the Templates Files
You will need to Upload these files to your Web Server using FTP in order to use it on your Website.
Make sure you upload the required files/folders listed below:
    HTML/css - Extra Stylesheets Folder
    HTML/include - Required PHP Functions Folder
    HTML/images - Images Folder
    HTML/js - Javacripts Folder
    HTML/style.css - Main Stylesheet File
    HTML/index.html - Index File/Homepage
The other files can be used according to your preferences. 

As per the instructions I have uploaded the above file and folder via Filezilla FTP. Now I want to make the website for a Beauty Salon.

There is a demo-spa.html file, but how do I make it as a functional home page and what all need to upload from canvas-html-weblayouts\themeforest-9228123-canvas-the-multipurpose-html5-template\Package-HTML\HTML\demos\spa

I am finding it a little complicated to customize as there is nothing mentioned in the documentation as to how to use the demo files.

A quick and immediate guidance in this regard would be highly appreciated. Thanking you in anticipation.

With best regards,

Nuruddin B.

If you make the spa page your index page then it will show up as the home page.

As this is not a CMS or WP theme then there isn’t an admin area and you just need to modify the HTML/CSS code that you want to change before uploading it.

The documentation will cover template specific stuff but unlikely to explain how to modify standard code

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If you want to have demo-spa.html your first pagdy, you need to rename it to index.html

Or if you want to have many demos in your site, you can make like this and from menu you need to add link to this new links.

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