How to create a WP blog: just a first start


Hi there,

My name is Clotilde, I am just starting to create a WP blog.

My hosting site is SiteGround, the Domain name is (yes, I am French), and I am now thinking about the theme i need to choose to create my blog.

First question: is it better to pay for a theme (because more possibilities) or a free one is enough?

If you have some advice for a better start, I am interested in!

I just have tried the 2017 theme and this is a try for the heading:

I am hesitating for the theme: I finally chose 2017 theme, but just before The Drone. And now, i think that for the pages, i am still in The Drone theme…

Thanks in advance for your tips!

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I am just starting too @CloSyd2019. Update us on how it goes! :slight_smile:


Hi @Voldey,
Yes definitely! Back again on the topic on Wednesday or Thurdsay.
Chat you soon :slight_smile:


I think the theme, heading and picture look great! how did you go with this? :smiley: