How to convert Articles Gallery page and articles to blog, Karma and BuddyPRess

I am using Karma for WordPress, and my site is mainly Page (vs post) based. I have an Articles page that I set up as a Gallery Page so I can style it like a Blog–it’s a page that shows a pic and blurb for all 30 articles, and links to each article page (these are Pages, not posts). I’d like to convert just this Articles section into a Blog and I have installed BuddyPress, but am having difficulty figuring out how to accomplish my specific task of turning just this section of my website into an integrated blog. The reason I’d like to do this is so people can comment on the articles, and for SEO benefits associated with RSS feed etc.

I have found articles that address changing the entire website over, or how to build from scratch, but not how to install and convert existing pages to blog format with RSS functionality.

I’m fairly new to the idea of a blog, so please forgive my misuse of terminology.

Thanks in advance.