How to change html (Karma template) site to Wordpress Karma theme



Any suggestions to minimize a site rebuild that requires changing a custom html site that was started with the Karma template to a site using the Karma Wordpress theme? The plan is to put everything in a “testsite” folder within the “public_html” folder until everything is working - would appreciate any tips on minimizing the rebuild. Thanks lots! KJ


There is no real shortcut to migrating an HTML site into WP as you will need to write all the PHP etc.

You might find a CMS which could help you adapt the HTML site and make it editable more easily edited but that won’t make it WP.

Either way there is no quick solution to this


Thanks for the quick response Charlie! I was just hoping you guys who know more about this had a “magical” short cut. ; ) KJ


Unfortunately not that I can think of. As I said there are some alternative CMS scripts that could make life easier but it is not guaranteed and in no way as advanced as WP in many ways