How to change your Default Withdrawl Account

Hi friends!
Recently I ran into a problem. I decided to change my Payoneer account. By clicking on the “change account” button, I realized that everything is not so simple. I tried to fix everything in one day, but it all happened in a week. So I decided to help everyone who faced this.

  1. I wrote to Envato Support Team. That I want to change my Payoneer account. I was told that I need to contact Payoneer. Since they can solve this problem.
  2. I wrote to Payoneer support team. Once they received my message, they removed my Payoneer account from Enavto. But I could not add another. That’s why: they need to make sure that I am the real owner of both accounts. They asked me to make screenshots of accounts and send a security code.
  3. I did all this and Payoneer said that everything is OK. And I can add my new account in 7 days.

Of course, I was very upset about this because I wanted to do everything quickly. In the end, I changed my Default Account to PayPal account and I hope everything will be fine.

In the end, I realized that you need to contact Payoneer about this.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the great tip! :metal:

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No problem!