How to change portfolio from non-exclusive to exclusive?


like the title already says i was wondering how you can change your entire portolio afterwards from non-exclusive to exclusive.

Hoping for help. Thanks.


your account Setting your profile -> Your Items -> Exclusivity of your items

click below “Change your exclusivity agreement” for change option (non-exclusive and exclusive)



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Worked. Thx very much! :hugs:

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u may have to wait for about a month though so that the change becomes effective as for i could hear … pls ask @mgscoder @XioxGraphix o @charlie4282 to confirm

I do somewhat recall seeing something about there being some sort of waiting period around changing your exclusivity settings, though I cant find anything about it now. I think it used to be that you were limited to the amount of times you could change your exclusivity, or there was a cooldown time between each change, but that seems to be removed now.

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great to know that :slight_smile: i am not likely to use, but this is always good to learn new things :slight_smile: