If I change from being exclusive, and go non exclusive, how soon can I change back to exclusive?? or do I have to wait before I can change back??

hi, i am not sure for this, u should ask the help center :slight_smile:

Can anyone answer this?

As suggested in the knowledge base below, the switch can take 30 days. The best thing to do is have 2 accounts, one exclusive and another non-exclusive.

Can I change my account from exclusive to non-exclusive?

Yes you can change your exclusivity status but keep in mind that you will need to wait 30 days until the change takes effect. This will affect the percentage of revenue you get after you change your status from 30 days after the change is made. Don’t forget you can have an exclusive account and a non-exclusive account.

This was answered in the old forums, you can check it out here.

30 days. I did that before.