change to non-exclusive



hey guys,

can i switch my exclusive acount with my items into a non-exclusive acount or do i have to create a new “non exclusive” acount and begin from zero?


click the “Change your exclusivity agreement” link at the bottom


And how does the transition work? do you suddenly owe Envato money you made as exclusive? or from the point of switch you get more % deducted?


I am not sure, @KingDog will be able to help with that, but you shouldn’t owe Envato any money, it should just change your potential earnings from any sales after the change, which is likely to change X hous after you submit the change.


hi i do not know what would be the reason for u to owe anything to anyone … as the fact of the matter is that u would have a contract for a while in one way and after that change for another one … only terms following the change shock change …


hi , well opening a new one might be an option as well , as let’s face it , it depends on what u create and if u could find other places where u can sell your items. if not so much u can legitimately ask the question to yourself about the legitimacy of being non exclusive , especially as regard to the fact that u almost make no gain any more out of your sales … (u are only given one third of the price of the item, in other words all people get more money than the other in this system …)


You won’t be owing Envato anything, you will just need to wait 30 days till the change takes effect. Not sure if you could publish your items elsewhere during the month. But my guess is no as you’ll be receiving the exclusive percentage during the month.


The reason for me is that i don’t see a future on aj at this moment. I have only 17 items in 7 month. I tried lots of genres (rock,corporate,epic cinematic,atmosphere,romantic piano and more) but all rejected. I have in the same time more than 80 (!) approved items on other places, most of them are the rejected from aj and they get sold for 34$. Aj frustating me, last approved items was 6 weeks ago, the last 8 tracks rejected.