How to Change Menu Item Link Address

I have the Automotive theme and I need to change the page called up by the Inventory link in the navigation menu to the boxed-sidebar-right page. That link is set to call up the boxed-full-width page originally. When renaming the boxed-full-width page title and attempting to customize the permalink, I lost the page and its functionality.

To fix it I want to change the link in the Inventory menu item to go to the boxed-sidebar-right page. Is there a way to do that? Any other suggestions as to how to fix this?

Do you have budget to fix this ?

Assuming the page you want it to go to exists (not sure how changing a title or permalink could remove a page) then it should be very simple and just a case of applying the right link either in menu options or theme options depending on where it is controlled from

That’s what I thought, that changing a title or permalink wouldn’t damage anything, especially since I made the change from within the WP dashboard. I’ve been looking for an explanation and a way to link that menu link to a page that has the functionality closest to the original. Neither menu options or theme options seem to have a way to do it.

Anyway, I’ll create scheduled backups and keep working on it, but I sure would appreciate some insight on how this theme works,