musico theme - map demo page to menu item

hi. I’m new to the musico theme and trying to understand it. What I want to do is the following:

  • create a custom menu
  • map one of the demo pages to a menu item.

I successfully imported the complete “Musico” demo.

Now I want to make my own menu, instead of the demo menu.

I tried to simply use the “Edit Menu” function of WordPress, select (for example) the “Discography Classic No Space” page from the left, add it as a menu item - and now I have two problems.

One is, the page is no longer an “Elementor” page. It doesn’t look like the demo anymore. It looks like it has lost all the CSS and just looks like a generic WordPress themed page, so it doesn’t have all the nice animations etc.

The other problem is, I cannot seem to edit the permalink. The URL is an ugly ?page_id=533 or whatever, query string, but I want it to look more like

please help, thanks


Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.
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Contact with your item author @ThemeGoods hope they will help you to solved your issue

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Regarding the permalink, you can customize its appearance when navigating to WordPress Dashboard -> Settings -> Permalinks, most probably you’ll need to change it from “Plain” to “Post Name” (also "Custom Structure is an option if you want to customize more)

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