Jnews Theme Problem

Hello, I have created a Menu for my WordPress site.

Some context for my problem first :

I have 3 pages that I have added to the menu. When I look in the menu section each menu element is tagged as “mega menu”.

The problem is, that when I go to one of the pages, I am unable to navigate correctly between the pages.

Each menu item has an underline which appears only when I hover below the name of the element not on the name itself. Only if I click that underline am I able to navigate to that respective page, but if I click on the actual name of the page, it will simply bring me to the home page. What I think it happens is that the URL is somehow set on the underline, and not on the actual name of the page.

If I hover with the mouse over the menu/navbar page names only the following URL will be displayed on each of them : mycoolwebsite.local

But if i hover with the mouse on the underline of the different page names I will get different URL each time, like :

It seems that I am unable to edit URL in the menu section.
Can someone help me out with this issue please as I have no clue what is causing it.
Thanks !

Welcome to Envato Forums! :slightly_smiling_face:
To resolve that you will need to contact theme author. Here is explained how to contact an author.