How to access all author's items / digital assets ?

When you click on any author and get on his page you can only browse through 50 pages of proposed items even if the totall amount of items is 10 times bigger ( total amount of digital assets by author is actually shown in the upper left).
So does anybody know how to accesss the rest of author’s items above the proposed fixed amount of 50 pages ?

You can check this reply:

ok I can understand the intentional limit to 50 pages for general search results, but why couldn’t you let to show all items on author’s page? You are actually intentionally limiting authors in their potential sales, as I for example would love to get all assets from sertain authours but it cannot be done technicaly because of your limits.
Could you please ask the developers regarding the author’s page total assets listings - maybe they can make it only for author’s pages without damaging the infrastructure.