How many Days Will Take to withdrawal from Envato to Payooner

im interesed to know exactly how many days will take

Same day when Envato processes payments. :smile:

Payoneer has “instant” loading and regular-speed loading which takes a couple days. Once you get the note that Envato has made the transfer you can choose which speed you’d like the processing to happen. There’s a slightly higher fee for the instant load.

After that, the speed of the transfer from Payoneer to your bank depends on your bank. I’m in Canada. The transfer is usually not more than a day or two from Payoneer to my bank here.

thank you … can you tell me how is pproces to transfer from bank to payoner is direct from e-banking

Not sure! I haven’t done it that way myself. Maybe a question to ask Payoneer directly.

Ok thank you . Your coment was very hellpfull.