How long it takes to pay for PayPal?

Hello colleagues, I am new to videohive and I have already uploaded 3 products that have already generated $ 347.00 of net profit of which I am responsible for $ 131.06.
Yes, pitifully envato earns more than me but that is not the case.

my method of payment is by PayPay
and it makes a disas this email got me from envato

Mar 31 2018
Hi CumareVFX,

Your payout for earnings up until the end of March 2018 has been calculated.

Your payout will be $ 131.06.

Your payout will be processed as part of our normal schedule later this month. You will receive an email when your payout has been processed.

I only have questions, how long do they take to pay for paypal?

who can help me, I will be grateful

Greetings friends

Hello :slight_smile:

Payouts will be sent on the 16th of April. Normally, they occur on the 15th of each month, but that date falls on a non-business day this month.

Remember also that Envato sends payouts in Australian time.

More information here:




They’ll be sent on the 15-16th and then comes the time it takes to get them to your bank account.
For me (non-US) it takes an additional 2 more days for the withdrawal.

For PayPal you receive funds on the same day.

I think you misunderstood me. It takes 2 business days to get my funds from Paypal to my bank account.

Now if you don’t agree with me, well I guess we’re living in parallel universes :slight_smile: because that’s how long it takes. Few years ago it used to be up to 5 days.

In fact for most people around the world it’s still 5 days.
See for yourself:

Well, I’m not really concerned with how long it takes for your transfer. OP was only asking about receiving the funds in PayPal - that’s all I was concerned with.

For me, bank transfers from PayPal are instant. But I do know that it can take 1-3 business days depending on location and bank. Not everyone will transfer to a bank account, however.

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Well, I tried to clarify things for @CumareVFX

Maybe the man has bills to pay and stuff and he should know realistically when he will have the cold cash in his hard working hands. :slight_smile: