How long does the HTML template test last?

Hello. I sent a html template 10 days ago for testing. There is still no answer. Please tell me the approximate waiting time for checking html templates and wordpress themes. Thank you. these are only estimates.

If you want feedback in the meantime you can always hare the demo link here for community members to comment on.

Thanks. Why does not the company Envato make information in the dashboard about at what position the author’s work is in the queue?

For example, your work is on the 25th place in the queue. And when the work ahead is verified, my work will move to 24 places and etc.

Because there are multiple reviewers in different time zones involved and the queue is influenced by numerous factors, many of which are out of envato’s control and which mean that it is constantly changing.

It would be far more frustrating for authors and grief for envato for them to try and give any kind of accurate timing


Another question. I made a mistake in the account name, whether the moderator or someone else can change the account name. I wrote LotsmanTheme, but did not wrote “s”, there must be LotsmanThemes. Is it possible to add “s”?

You can edit your own profile name

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Good afternoon, I also have such a case, has your template been approved already?
How many days have passed since the adoption?
Thank you

Hello. My html template reject, and at the moment I am gaining experience.
At that time, the check took (as shown here: minimum 20 days. The answer came in 30 days. 1 day is now written. Just wondering, how much time are you already waiting for?

Just wanted to look at your template, you give a link?

They wrote 1 day, and did you receive it in 30 days ?, I have been waiting for 12 days

12 days have passed

A little bit wrong. At that moment it was written that the average waiting time was 20 days, and the answer came in 30 days. That is, in your case, the answer will come soon (in a couple of days, maybe more).

I looked at the template. I do not want to upset you ahead of time, but I noticed several reasons for reject:

Most likely design. Different line-height in sections. In the section with a subscription photo of the girl goes beyond the boundaries of the layout (container). I understood that you wanted to make a beautiful effect, but in this case it does not look good in my opinion.

Also html markup. Check on the validator (, you have errors. Also, the entire template is coded in one section. Add the tag “main” and put each piece of content into the “sections” (section about, section why, etc.). Use the tag for headings (h1 - h6).

Too little content. I know that there are one-page templates in the market, but they have either a super design or some trend features. Add blog pages, about, etc. On this forum, I read something similar to “for your template to aproove, it must be premium, that is, there must be an excellent design and some functions that are not in the free templates.” It also makes sense to use paid plug-ins isotope, wow js (with a purchased license).

My first template was one-page too. And also with similar mistakes and was rejected. You can watch the items of other people on the market or on for inspiration.

Just know that this is just my opinion and it may also be wrong.

Write later what answer you received.

Thank you for your attention, I will take into account your opinion, but I almost did not understand, where did you see the code’s validity, does it seem to me without errors?

Hello. Insert the link in the field in the validator ( and click “check”. There are a few mistakes (duplicate id). And in general, the markup is not quite correct (the validator does not show this, I looked at the source code of the page). Read more articles on html5 semantic markup (use tags main, section and other depending on the content).