How long does it take to create a wordpress theme?

I know, it’s a stupid and childish question. But I’m just starting in web design (just learned some html/css and Fireworks) and I’m thinking of learning all about wordpress and creating wordpress themes.

Of course, I could stick to creating websites for certain customers but I feel like making wordpress themes is more fun and relaxing to me.

And here comes my one million dollar question: is it worth it? Making wordpress themes for themeforest?
I could always build a $1k website in about 10 days but how much time should I invest in creating a wordpress theme in order to bring me as much money?

From scratch I’d say 3-5 weeks, but my latest took almost 2 months :wink:

Oh, for gods sake.

How Long Does It Take You To Develop A Wordpress Theme?

Hello Friends! I wonder how long it takes you to develop a wordpress theme.

How long do you guys take to finish a template?

Now I have my own framework from creating 3 WordPress themes I can get one turned out in about 3 weeks if all goes to plan and I have plenty of time to work on it.

Definitely worth doing, if you put the effort in you’ll reap the rewards :wink: