How Long Does It Take You To Develop A Wordpress Theme?


Hello All,

New to the forums, :slight_smile:
I’m currently developing a wordpress theme to list here on ThemeForest, but i’m finding it to be very time consuming, i have been working on it for around a month now, probably a week in total consistency. The theme i’m working on has options and i quite like it, incorporating some unique ideas as well.

How long does it take you to develop a wordpress theme?



Usually 2 weeks.

Coding to Wordpress is easy for me. I think designing and xhtml’ing takes the most of the time.


usually 2 weeks of design, XTHML and wordpress code. One week of trying to make the whole thing work and look right under IE :smiley: Kidding.

2 weeks is a pretty much standard timeframe.


PSD to XHTML & CSS is one of my favorite things to do :slight_smile:
I need around 10 hours to build a complete XHTML & CSS valid website based on a .PSD including subpages, jQuery, sliders and other requirements.

Moving this over to Wordpress takes me around 5-7 days (3-4 hours a day).
(this also depends on the requirements the theme needs)


I’ve spent anywhere from 10 hours to weeks on a WP template, just depends on how complex it is, whether I develop any plugins, how advanced the theme settings get, etc… and of course bugs never help… :slight_smile:


How long would it take a new user to create a WordPress Theme template? (someone who has never used WordPress before) i.e. how long does it take to for a rookie to learn the program?


Cheers guys for the feedback, Coding from PSD to HTML/WP is great fun, i should really design the other pages in photoshop as well, but i tend to finish the homepage and go straight to coding…