How long do you take to develop a theme from scratch?

How long do you take to develop a WordPress theme from scratch? We take more than 3 months for a single theme.


it depends on the features you want to add.
But for a full premium wp theme and if you’re working alone with a framework… you can count 2 or 3 months at least. if you’re working from scratch… it can go beyond… 6 ? 7 months …it depends on you.

4 - 8 months, depending on theme …
But next one will take only 1 month … :wink:

I think the same everytime, but none went as planned. Do share your techniques if you manage to achieve this :slight_smile:

How many people are in your team? Mine is 3.

2 months for HTML and design… 1 month for WordPress on already developed framework, with some corrections every time. Except if I’m lazy then it goes beyond one month. First time it required 6 months, even more, to develop first basic framework which is better and better for every new theme.

The first theme might take 5-6 months but the next one will take less time since all the featuers and codes are ready which you can play with that to create new theme.

After all it depend on the featuers

Technique is very simple. We’ll use the framework we developed last years, with no more adding functionalities, focus strictly on design (niche focused),change mostly css, some js and php, and create simple demo (no 250 pages, 50 demo sites etc.)
Ok, maybe I exaggerated - not 1 month, bur surely no more then two. :wink:
And - we are a team of two.

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