How is featured item selected?


I’m not sure if there is any article which answers this question.

I’m curious to know what is the criteria based on which a Featured Item is selected?

Is this information limited to the internal team of Envato OR is that available in public domain?

all Featured Item(s) carefully hand-picked by envato market Quality team.


Yep - they are hand-picked. If there’s a criteria, it certainly hasn’t been told to the public. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Featured Item is hand picked, but the Featured Author defaults to the author of the Featured Item. So if your item happens to be picked for the feature, your profile is automatically set as featured as well.

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Thank you guys for responding!
I’m no expert, but I wonder if an article is required to atleast let know people about this.

I guess you’d have trouble spinning out a whole article around the topic: ‘Envato choose the featured items’!

I’m not sure what this means but if this question is a problem, please go ahead and delete it, you’re the moderator, I believe you have the authority to do so.

This question came out of curiosity, that’s it.