How is a featured author selected?


Hello guys, I am still fairly new here, I was wondering how they go about selecting a featured author or item?


To make a perfect sound 8)


The Featured Author and Item are selected randomly by Envato staff.
There isn’t any special requirement to qualify as an Featured Author or Item.


Hi @Stuffx!

As @templatin stated the items are selected randomly after a discussion by the Envato Team. There is however, no special requirements, but if you keep striving to create awesome items you will then be noticed by the team to be up for the discussion/selection process. Good luck! :smiley:


Thanks for the help people! :slight_smile:


lol well i am sorry to say just that but all featured items are far form being all stunning, i also tend to believe that u show a very corporate attitude and do never complain about anything or look enthusiastic about anything, especially the worst thing, that may help greatly


hi, featured items are a msitery, besides, some categories, almost never have any item featured which lets people know how much of a specific thing it has to be when it comes to selecting


Be lucky and that’s all :slight_smile: